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    Luxury Interiors & Lighting In Tune With Your Personality

When you need a luxury interior design for your London home, you want to work with designers who truly understand you.

At Moretti Interior Design, we take time to get to know you and your personality so that the design we create is perfectly in tune with the lifestyle of the people who live in your home.

We create our interiors following a holistic approach through Bio-Design elements:

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your home?  
  • Are you missing that sense of flow from room to room?
  • Is your home making you stressed because it doesn’t work around your needs and lifestyle?
  • Is this impacting your relationships at home and your family dynamic?

If that resonates with you, give us a call to see if we can help you to improve your wellbeing inside your home!

We, as interior architecture companies in London, we will learn about your character and values and express them visually and creatively.

As contemporary interior designers in London, our aim is to deliver a space that works with your senses to enhance your wellbeing and quality of life.

We also appreciate that the creation of a luxury lighting design is central to the success of the finished London space that will delight you, your family and visitors.

For us, it is essential that the customer is at the heart of the creative process, guiding the choices we make in the design of a luxury interior space that you will enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

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Luxury Interior Designer

At the heart of our team of luxury interior designers is Cinzia Moretti, who has extensive experience of delivering London living spaces for satisfied clients.

For Cinzia, our Creative Director, design is not just about art. It involves the principles of psychology and science too.

Cinzia’s approach is distinctive among high-end interior designers in London. She believes passionately in working closely with each client to ensure the space that we create reflects their lifestyle and values.

If you are looking for a luxury interior design company in london, we are convinced that learning about the heart and soul of a customer will enable us to deliver a design that really works for them.

Talk to Cinzia when you need to work with an interior architect who understands how to bring the best out of your London home.

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Complimentary Consultation

Planning to redesign your home? Let us know what you have in mind.
Schedule a 30-minute discovery call on Zoom with Cinzia and find out how we can help you create your perfect home.
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Cinzia Moretti:
Designing your dream home

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Luxury Lighting Designer

When you work with us to create your ideal internal space, the lighting design plays a fundamental role in making it the perfect London home.

Michele Ingrassi, our Director and Lighting Designer, is a lighting consultant with extensive experience of working in residential properties in London and Milan.

Michele has a passion for creating memorable lighting effects that complement the design of an interior space.

He is expert at creating exactly the right ambience in a property that reflects the lifestyle and values of the people who live there.

When you require a luxury lighting design that enhances the mood of your London home, talk to Michele.

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Each project has been designed uniquely for the client needs and taste to reflect their personality inside their homes

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